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Terms of Service

For usage of the VOTO Platform

By creating an account with VOTO Mobile and using our application you agree to the following simple terms of service:

  1. You will abide by all telecommunications laws of the country(ies) that you are communicating within. It is your job to research and understand these laws. At minimum, this usually means not sending ‘spam’ or unsolicited marketing messages without prior consent from your recipients. You will only communicate with people who want to be in touch with you, and have opted in to your service.
  2. You are responsible for the content sent through your account and any consequences thereof. It is your job to make sure whatever content you are sending is accurate, honest, and ethical. It is your job to deal with any issues or confusion that arise from content you share.
  3. Do not use the system to promote any kind of hate speech, discrimination, violence or purposefully misinform or mislead people.
  4. VOTO Mobile has permission to use anonymized meta-data from your account to improve our services (for example, analyzing trends in response rates to learn how to run good surveys).
  5. If you do anything silly like use fraudulent/stolen credit cards, send spam, try to break the software, incite violence, or anything else that violates these terms of service, we will block you from accessing the system, you’ll get bad karma, and if needed we’ll involve the appropriate authorities.
  6. Have fun, use VOTO for good, and try to smile while you work :)

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