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Our Platform

Removing the barriers to mobile communication.

The VOTO Platform is an unparalleled mobile phone notification and survey system. Create and send calls from anywhere – no software installation or equipment required. Start making calls instantly, with free credit to help you get started and highly affordable rates.

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Send voice and SMS communications to small and large groups

  • Send messages to promote health behaviour changes or to provide educational information
  • Announce community meetings and share local government news
  • Send announcements to suppliers and customers to ensure smooth business operations
  • Provide community health workers with current available supply levels
  • Ask citizens and community stakeholders for input

Reach people in every language

Record your messages from anywhere, in seconds

  • Upload audio files from your computer, use the intuitive "Call to record" option to record directly from your phone, or re-use existing audio by selecting it from the audio library.
  • Reach translators for local languages directly, using "Call to record", no matter where they are in the world.

Easily create simple and complex surveys alike

Analyze call statistics with sophisticated tracking

Receive inbound calls and let subscribers reach you on their schedule

  • Set up incoming call routes with a detailed switchboard system. Enable custom responses for existing and new subscribers, add call-in respondents to specific groups, and much more. Route messages using optional SMS keywords, within the VOTO Platform.

Accelerate your app with an advanced voice API

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Visit our Guides page for a more in depth how-to guide of our platform.

Or, see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.