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Use this online guide to learn more about how to use the VOTO mobile platform to send voice and SMS messages, surveys, and more complicated interactive voice and SMS content. Follow the step by step instructions and look out for common troubleshooting challenges.

Review the Manage Subscribers section to learn more about managing the phone numbers to which you will send messages and/or surveys. A subscriber is uniquely identified in your VOTO organisation by a phone number. Other properties such as Location and Name can also be stored as part of the subscriber profile. To help keep subscribers organised, create Groups in your organisation. Many users find it useful to create a group of which any subscriber you use to test new messages or surveys with is a member. This allows you to easily send the messages and surveys to all testers by simply selecting to send to that group.

Content is the term we use to describe the messages and interactive surveys that you create for your subscribers. Messages are one-way, non-interactive content. These are simple to build and great to use for information campaigns. Surveys and Trees allow you to set up two-way, interactive content. Surveys are straightforward to build and are best used for interactive content with a moderately simple flow. Trees allow you to be much more creative in how each subscriber interacts with the content. A tree is visually built on the VOTO platform to resemble a flow chart. Using different blocks, you can determine what branch of the tree a subscriber will follow based on, for example, the subscriber's response to a previous question or a specific property of that subscriber. View Create Content for detailed explanations on creating messages, trees, and surveys.

On the VOTO app, a Call is used to refer to the process by which a subscriber receives content. This means that a call is not necessarily sent using voice - you can create a voice or SMS call. The platform lets you choose to send outgoing calls, which are a push call where you will decide when the subscriber receives the content, or to set up incoming calls, which are a pull type of call where the subscriber is able to choose when to access the content. To learn more about getting the content to subscribers, visit Send Calls.

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