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New Roles Open - Join our team!

New roles open at VOTO - Join our team! Recruiting, VOTO Mobile, March 3, 2017 We're excited to announce we are growing our team in several dimensions and many locations! If you're interested in working at the intersection of technology and human development, please consider joining our team! We are... Read More »

Design Challenge and Networking Event

Creating Social Change through Mobile Technology Alycia Leonard, VOTO Mobile, July 26, 2016 Applications are now closed. Thanks to everyone for their interest. For the latest opportunities to work with VOTO, please see our careers page! VOTO Mobile is a social enterprise working at the intersection of technology and social change... Read More »

Call to Report on Failed, Incomplete, or Ongoing Aid Projects

Read the full article on Medium Thanks to our partners at VOTO Mobile, the What Went Wrong? reporting system is up and running in Ghana! To provide information on an aid or development project in Ghana that has failed or has never been finished, please call +233 307084585 (from within Ghana,... Read More »

The Low-Tech Way to Reach Everyone on Earth

Read the full article on the ICTworks website We often focus on new technologies – developing the newest app or handing every teacher a tablet – as if they are magic bullets to solving the world’s development problems. While it would be great if this were true, if “innovation” was... Read More »

Giving Voice to the Voiceless Through Mobile Engagement

Read the full article on the Datakind blog As we often say, we’re living in the midst of a data revolution. Data is pouring off cell phones, laptops, satellites, and sensors and has great potential to help us better understand our world and more effectively address some of the tough... Read More »

Mobile extension services for maize farmers in Ghana

With funding from the ADMIRE program run out of DTU, VOTO Mobile has launched a mobile extension service for maize farmers in Ghana. The program provides farmers with agronomic advice that arrives to their phones at the correct moment in the production cycle. This agronomic info is supplemented with regular... Read More »

Why I’m joining VOTO

Rebecca Yael Weissburg, VOTO Mobile, November 9, 2015 Two years ago, my FSG colleagues and I wrote about the disruptions facing the international development sector, and the need for international NGOs to radically shift their operational and program models to stay ahead of the curve. After listening to more than... Read More »

How can we end poverty? Let’s ask those in poverty

VOTO Mobile was featured in Ashoka and Unilever's Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards, a series that spotlights leading young innovators. Read the full article here » “Fighting poverty is hard and it’s hard to get it right. It’s part of a complex web of causes and effects,” VOTO Mobile CEO... Read More »

Introducing our expanded Programs team!

VOTO would like to welcome the Programs team! October is upon us, and we’ve been quite busy these past few months. VOTO has expanded our regional presence, establishing offices in East Africa, Francophone West Africa, and South Asia as well as grown in our existing markets. And here they are,... Read More »

How Ghana’s districts can improve citizen engagement using mobile phones

Suhuyini S. Zango, VOTO Mobile, October 10, 2015 Also readable on the Code for Africa blog With the influx of mobile phones over the last decade, mobile for development programmes, often known simply as M4D, have emerged as a new field in communication. And they have revolutionised our use of... Read More »

Content is at the core of an engaging mobile program: how do you make it work for rural women?

Engaging Rural Women, Part 6 Hilary Stone, VOTO Mobile, September 3, 2015 One of the ideas behind VOTO Mobile is that citizens have more power over what services and information they have access to, and so we think the process of content development is crucial to making a relevant and... Read More »

Getting your program out there: how to recruit rural women

Engaging Rural Women, Part 5 Hilary Stone, VOTO Mobile, August 31, 2015 It is one thing for rural women to have phone access and the technical literacy skills to be able to use the phone, but if you can’t recruit rural women to your program, you’ll have no impact. We... Read More »

Make your program accessible to rural women and don’t forget about technical literacy

Engaging Rural Women, Part 4 Hilary Stone, VOTO Mobile, August 27, 2015 Our most recent blog in our rural women series spoke about how rural women need to have access to a phone to participate in a mobile engagement program. While this is necessary it’s not sufficient, as your audience... Read More »

How do you reach a rural woman via a mobile phone if she doesn't own one?

Engaging Rural Women, Part 3 Hilary Stone, VOTO Mobile, August 17, 2015 In order to reach rural women through mobile technology, they need to be able to access phones that work at the precise moment you are trying to engage with them. This isn’t always easy. While some women have... Read More »

Timing Your Content to Reach Rural Women

Engaging Rural Women, Part 2 Hilary Stone, VOTO Mobile, July 3, 2015 Our clients are often trying to engage with rural women, either by sending them messages or soliciting their input through surveys. When sending this outbound content it is important that the women actually pick up their phone to... Read More »

Top 8 Articles: How to better serve rural women through mobile engagement

Engaging Rural Women, Part 1 Hilary Stone, VOTO Mobile, June 12, 2015 We are researching and testing how to better reach and engage rural women through our platform and collaborative projects, and this is the first of a series of blog posts sharing our research and insights. We have done... Read More »

Currently Hiring – Operations Associate and Behaviour Change Communications Expert (now closed)

Update (September 2015) See the latest jobs at VOTO Mobile on our new Careers page! VOTO Mobile is currently hiring for two positions based in Ghana. VOTO provides technology and expertise to enable citizens’ voices to be heard through mobile polling, M&E and research surveys, and brings services to citizens... Read More »

Mobile for Social Inclusive Governance – 2015 Open Government Fellowship

We're excited to announce that Suhuyini Salim Shani from VOTO Mobile's Operations Team has been selected as a 2015 Open Government Fellow, a new program from the Open Knowledge Foundation and Code For Africa. Suhuyini is one of 4 fellows selected from across Africa, and joins fellows from Uganda, Rwanda,... Read More »

We’re growing our team! Hiring for Director of Programs

Update (September 2015) See the latest jobs at VOTO Mobile on our new Careers page! VOTO Mobile is a fast growing social enterprise with offices currently in Ghana, Canada, the US, and Zimbabwe. Our services help partners distribute and collect information by engaging difficult-to-reach populations through their mobile phones. We’re... Read More »

Project Carina – 2015 Architecture Upgrade

We’re excited to launch our latest major upgrade to the VOTO Platform. As of 3:15am GMT today, the system is back online and ready to use. This upgrade, “Project Carina” includes some major behind-the-scenes changes designed to make the VOTO Platform work robustly with in-country telephone systems around the world,... Read More »

Upcoming scheduled downtime

Update: The scheduled downtime is now complete. Thank you for your patience! There will be a scheduled downtime of the VOTO platform from: Thursday April 16, 2015 – 4PM GMT to Friday April 17, 2015 – 2AM GMT This maintenance window will allow us to complete a major upgrade, bringing... Read More »

CGD Working Paper – Mobile Phone Surveys Can Be Statistically Representative

Following last month's announcement, the Center for Global Development (CGD) has now published their Working Paper on mobile phone surveys: Do Mobile Phone Surveys Work in Poor Countries? – Working Paper 398. VOTO Mobile acted as the survey operator for this research, and we're very excited to see these results... Read More »

Quick lessons in trying to run a program for rural women without field staff

Suhuyini S. Zango & Levi Goertz, VOTO Mobile, March 23, 2015 With the support of the Vodafone Foundation Ghana we are running a program to provide health information to expectant families in the final stages of pregnancy and first months of newborn life. The program is targeted at mothers (and... Read More »

Do Mobile Phone Surveys Work in Poor Countries?

Update, April 8, 2015: CGD has now published their results in Working Paper 398. Read more here! Our friends at the Center for Global Development (CGD) have just published a new blog post asking, Do Mobile Phone Surveys Work in Poor Countries?, based on research conducted with VOTO Mobile beginning... Read More »

Education Campaigns – a case study from Ghana

Jocelyn Light & Levi Goertz, VOTO Mobile, February 24, 2015 We recently partnered with a great organization to run an education campaign in Ghana and wanted to share some lessons across the recruitment and participation phases of the initiative. This campaign was targeted at young to middle aged adults with... Read More »

(Applications now closed) – driver and cleaner positions in Kumasi

Update (September 2015) See the latest jobs at VOTO Mobile on our new Careers page! VOTO Mobile is currently hiring for two roles at our Kumasi, Ghana office. Please see below for descriptions of the two positions, and application instructions. We're excited to welcome you to our fast-growing, enthusiastic team!... Read More »

“You definitely need a team to help you grow”

VOTO Mobile software developers Rasheeda Yehuza and George Arthur-Sarpong were interviewed for the LionsAfrica “Hear it from the entrepreneur” series. Watch the video below: This video was filmed during DEMO Africa 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria. George and Rasheeda pitched VOTO Mobile after being selected as one of the top 40... Read More »

Airtime Incentives and Survey Completion

Do airtime incentives make it more likely participants will complete a survey? We recently ran some tests in 4 countries to see whether airtime incentives boost response rates. The results varied a lot by country and unfortunately we don't think there is a golden rule that can be applied everywhere.... Read More »

Thanks and Happy Holidays from VOTO!

2014 was an exciting year at VOTO Mobile.  Looking back on the past year, we’ve seen our team grow, new technologies developed, and you – our users – run outstanding projects that have reached people in 22 countries around the world.  We're excited to share some of the success we've... Read More »

Providing Introductions and Instructions in Mobile Surveys

Caroline Condon, VOTO Mobile, December 18, 2014 A solid introduction can make a large difference in participation and understanding of your mobile engagement project. In this article, we lay out the general questions participants will need answers to, as well as an tips and tricks for providing these instructions face-to-face,... Read More »

Vodafone Ghana Foundation Mobile For Good awards

On Tuesday, December 16, we were thrilled to be part of the official launch of the Vodafone Ghana Foundation's Mobile For Good awards. The Vodafone Ghana Foundation is generously supporting our new maternal health project in Ghana, Improving Infant Health through Pre & Post Natal Education. Vodafone is providing the... Read More »

Using the Right Question Type

Caroline Condon, VOTO Mobile, December 8, 2014 What kind of information are you trying to collect? Answering this question is critical to knowing what questions types to use when you begin to build a survey. The VOTO platform supports three types of responses: multiple-choice, numeric and open-ended. Designing a survey... Read More »

VOTO Features for Survey Design

Intro to Survey Design – Part 3 Caroline Condon, VOTO Mobile, November 28, 2014 VOTO has several specific features designed to help you make a great, voice-based survey! To read previous posts on survey design start with Great Survey Design in Any Medium and Converting to Mobile Format. Use Decision... Read More »

Converting to Mobile Format

Intro to Survey Design – Part 2 Caroline Condon, VOTO Mobile, November 26, 2014 Give clear instructions on how to enter answers Your survey may be the first mobile phone survey, SMS or interactive voice (IVR) system the subscriber has used. Give clear instructions about how to interact with the... Read More »

Designing Great Surveys in Any Medium

Intro to Survey Design – Part 1 Caroline Condon, VOTO Mobile, November 24, 2014 A survey that doesn’t work well on paper or in-person is not going to work well over the phone – Good mobile-phone survey design must begin with good survey design. Fortunately, much research in other fields... Read More »

Voice or SMS – Testing and Analyzing Data

A Primer Levi Goertz, VOTO Mobile, November 19, 2014 – See Part 1, Part 2 You’re equipped with the decision-making framework of identifying target users, the outcome you want from the interaction, you’ve got a hypothesis on the best approach and you’re ready to calculate cost per outcome or ROI.... Read More »

Voice or SMS – Costs and ROI

Levi Goertz, VOTO Mobile, November 17, 2014 – See Part 1, Part 3 With budget constraints it is common to see organizations manage costs down. Your costs are immediate and obvious whereas your return or impact takes time to emerge and is harder to see. This pushes organizations to solely... Read More »

Voice or SMS – Overview

Levi Goertz, VOTO Mobile, November 14, 2014 – See Part 2, Part 3 We often speak with organizations who want to have a meaningful engagement with their users, which might be a survey to ask questions or a messaging campaign to share info. A common question is whether to use... Read More »

What’s Next in M4D Content?

Moving beyond messages and surveys Caroline Condon, VOTO Mobile, November 4, 2014 What are the next steps in innovative mobile communications? How can it be more bilateral, personalized, engaging and effective? VOTO Mobile enables a lot of mobile polling, voice or SMS messaging campaigns and call-in hotlines but we are... Read More »

We Need Your Vote!

VOTO Mobile uses technology to get citizen feedback and increase government accountability in Ghana. We are actively innovating by using technology to enable citizens to express themselves and increase government accountability to promises and also show citizens’ priorities. VOTO has been shortlisted for Making All Voices Count’s Global Innovation Competition... Read More »

Examining User Investment to Measure Content Value

Caroline Condon, VOTO Mobile, October 27, 2014 One way of evaluating the value of a product or service is to look at what time, money and resources its users are willing to invest in order to access it. We see the level of investment from customers and users as an... Read More »

UNDP's SHIFT Week of Action in São Tomé

Levi Goertz, VOTO Mobile, October 20, 2014 In late September VOTO Mobile attended the UNDP's SHIFT week of action in São Tomé & Príncipe. This was one of 10 simultaneous events around the world to help increase innovation at the UNDP. In São Tomé the objective was to employ new... Read More »

VOTO Mobile in Top 3 m-Governance Solutions in Africa

We're thrilled to learn that VOTO Mobile has been named one of the Top 3 m-Governance solutions in Africa by the World Summit Award's African Content Award jury! VOTO Mobile was selected as Ghana's entry in the m-Government & Participation category, one of the 8 categories of apps addressing social... Read More »

Daily food consumption surveys with VOTO

Levi Goertz, VOTO Mobile, July 20, 2014 Using daily surveys to track what Sean Boots eats I noticed that my colleague Sean would eat the same thing for dinner almost every night. After neither of us could agree on how often he ate Jollof rice, we decided to gather some data... Read More »

Reaching illiterate people in emerging countries

The Innovation is Everywhere blog recently covered VOTO Mobile, after attending VOTO's presentation at Mobile West Africa 2014. Read their full article here: Reaching illiterate people in the emerging countries: the power of voice based mobile apps. While attending Mobile West Africa in Lagos, Nigeria, we again were confronted with... Read More »

“Bring Back Our Girls” – A Survey to Nigerians on the School Abduction

Kevin Schuster, VOTO Mobile, May 30, 2014 In mid-April over 200 young women were abducted from their secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria by the Boko Haram insurgent group. The abduction has drawn international attention from media, governments, and citizens. On May 22, VOTO conducted a voice based mobile survey to... Read More »

By the numbers!

Sean Boots, VOTO Mobile, May 6, 2014 We've noticed some neat trends in our data as more and more organizations begin using VOTO Mobile. Since February of last year – when the very first VOTO call was sent – we've had almost 200 organizations register and send calls. By the end of... Read More »

Release Notes for Sprint 16

April has been a busy month at VOTO Mobile, with a number of new features and enhancements added to the platform. Get in touch with any questions you have about the updates below. New Features "One user, multiple organizations" support Users can now be part of multiple organization accounts simultaneously,... Read More »

Navigating Barriers and Opportunities in the Mobile for Development (M4D) Space

Kevin Schuster, VOTO Mobile, April 25, 2014 With over 5 billion mobile connections in emerging markets – mobile for development (M4D) provides incredible opportunities across sectors and geographies. The VOTO Mobile team was invited to participate in the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference to discuss the obstacles and opportunities with other thought-leaders... Read More »

Jobs at VOTO Mobile – We’re Hiring!

Update (September 2015) See the latest jobs at VOTO Mobile on our new Careers page! We're excited to announce that VOTO Mobile is hiring. Are you an operations wizard, a creative software developer, or a talented business development expert? Read on to learn about the positions we're hiring for, and... Read More »

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