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Call to Report on Failed, Incomplete, or Ongoing Aid Projects

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[Photo] Unfinished school building in Gbale, Northern Region, Ghana

Thanks to our partners at VOTO Mobile, the What Went Wrong? reporting system is up and running in Ghana! To provide information on an aid or development project in Ghana that has failed or has never been finished, please call +233 307084585 (from within Ghana, 0307084585). You can call and hang up — our automated system will dial you back for the survey. The mobile survey is currently available in two languages: English and Dagbani.

Users of the mobile survey are asked a short series of questions on their location, the type and sector of project they are reporting, any organizations known to be involved, and the current status of the project (for example: unwanted, unfinished, unusable/inaccessible, inefficient). They are also given an opportunity to leave a longer voice message, describing the situation in more detail.

For those outside of Ghana, Tweet @failedaid to report on projects across Africa.

Read the full article on Medium